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Maclagan connections

My 4 times great grandmother was Elspeth McLAGAN. She married John BUTTER at Moulin in 1787. She may have been the daughter of Thomas McLAGAN and Elizabeth BUTTER but I have no proof.

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A new theory (Nov. 2004) sees Elspeth's possible parents as Donald McLAGAN & Margaret McLAGAN and also possibly linking to the McLAGANs who farmed Pitgir at Logierait. View this (pdf file in new window). I am amending this as new evidence comes to hand and will integrate this with the main family file if proof can be found.

Other families

I am also interested in this surname in a wider context, particularly where there are Perthshire connections. More details will follow. Meantime, some links to interesting individuals :

Derek Doyle has published an interesting paper about the family connections between the last two and others called The Maclagan family: six generations of service.

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